About Us

“With the varied operational demands of missions it is crucial that the military develop, maintain and promote the health and wellness of the total force to sustain force readiness and preservation”
- Defense Centers of Excellence

our story

The Veterans Art Center Tampa Bay is dedicated to providing opportunities for military and veterans to develop and showcase creative and artistic accomplishments. As veterans and their families transition to civilian life, the Veterans Art Center is supportive of their need for creative outlets as well as the need for economic opportunities.  

our vision

 As a means of therapy, the Center will provide opportunities for learning and teaching the arts. To educate the public and raise awareness, the Center will organize and provide exhibits related to national military history. Geographically located in Tampa Bay, a metropolitan area which is highly supportive of the arts, the Center is designed to be an attraction for visitors and artists and will act as a destination for events and activities. Opportunities for careers in artistic fields will become available through the display and potential sales of their works. Promotional assistance with the artists’ works will be provided through the Center and through locally organized community events.  

With wellness and recovery as a theme for returning veterans and their families, the organization hopes to support their artistic abilities and positively assist them in civilian adjustment. The veterans’ artistic accomplishments help promote a sense of pride and allows the individuals and their families opportunities to be active within their community.

VACTB promotes fine art by local and national artists who are United States Veterans, to provide a National Gallery of Veterans art, to teach art and to provide art as a means of therapy for veterans. As a 501c-3 VACTB hosts many national traveling exhibits centered on themes related to national military history and veteran’s art projects . VACTB also offers a fine art gallery Operation Art, to support sales of veteran’s art which will serve to provide economic support for the artists as well as revenue for the Center.

The VACTB is located in the City of Saint Petersburg Florida, a city with a vibrant art scene. Tampa Bay has a large number of Veterans as does the State of Florida in particular and will be an optimum central location that will also add to the tapestry of art, culture, services, and support for the growth of the economy that is taking place in Saint Petersburg.

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