AMbassador of the Arts

what is an Ambassador of the Arts?

● Ambassadors are friends of the Veterans Art Center Tampa Bay

● Ambassadors act on behalf of our mission to provide therapy, healing, wellness, and

educational programming to Military members, Veterans, First Responders, and their


● Ambassadors identify potential members for the program and introduce them to our


● Ambassadors recruit other volunteers and donors to the VACTB programs

Who can be an Ambassador?

● Anyone who promotes and advocates for the VACTB

● Volunteers, donors, or other veterans in the program may serve as Ambassadors as well

How much does it cost?

● There is no charge to be an Ambassador, but of course, your donations are always greatly


How long must I serve?

● Length of service is at your discretion, but once recognized, you are an Ambassador for life!

What are my responsibilities?

● Represent the VACTB honorably and honestly

● Introduce Vets, First Responders, and Families to the VACTB programs

● Recruit other Ambassadors and donors

● Enjoy the prestige of goodwill you’re promoting by representing the VACTB AS A :